Robert Kirk Fliegel

My background

I have been fortunate to have had a life filled with a variety of worldly experiences growing up with many opportunities to spend time in nature and explore the world of art as well.

Since 1976 my art background began in ceramics and metal sculpture.  I soon found out though that my real passion was working with the medium of glass. The translucent nature of glass and its ability to enhance light and color intrigues me.  My other passion is wilderness hiking and backpacking which opens new vistas of art expression for me.  Being deep in a remote forest I feel surrounded by the intricate variations of light and color.  I believe that just being in the present, opening your senses to what is around you and clearing your mind opens up our creativity.

Studies have proven the benefits of doing Forest Therapy such as this is wonderful for body, mind and spirit.  It led me to writing a book “Fear Not The Forest” As well as owning an international wilderness backpacking guide service for 18 years.  

I hope you enjoy viewing my projects and will follow along over time as  I explore new art ideas in glass.